What's New?


Optigenex and Life Science Institute Extend International Licensing of AC-11® for Use in healthycell® Nutritional Supplements.

Optigenex Inc. and Its Exclusive Licensee, Ceregenex Inc. Report Strong Direct to Consumer Market Acceptance of Activar(R) With AC-11(R) Skin Care Products and AIO Premium Cellular Health(TM) With AC-11(R) (Dec 17 2010)

Optigenex Inc. Announces 1-for-125 Reverse Stock Split, Effective December 8, 2010 (Dec 9 2010)

Optigenex Inc. Enters Global Affiliation and Expands Its Long-Term Licensing Agreement With Promethean Corporation for Dietary Supplements as Well as Oral and Topical Cosmecuetical Products Containing Patented AC-11(R) (Aug 17 2010)

Optigenex Inc. and DNA Wellness LLC Enter Into Supply and License Agreement in North America (Jul 21 2010)

Ekson Farma, Istanbul, Turkey, Reports Activar(R) AC-11(R) Next Generation Anti-Aging Skin Care and Oral Supplement Products Greeted With Strong Consumer Acceptance in Turkey (Jun 28 2010)

Optigenex, Inc: AIO Premium Cellular Health With AC-11(R) Will Be Featured on Lifetime Television's Morning Show, "The Balancing Act" (Apr 21 2010)

Optigenex, Inc. to Be Featured in Elsevier's Tan and Rose Sheet Publications (Apr 5, 2010)

Optigenex Inc. Renews Its Agreement with RFI Ingredients for Marketing and Sale of AC-11® in Retail and Direct to Physician Channels (Feb 18 2010)

Optigenex Inc. Announces Expansion of AC-11® Sales in Japan through Its Exclusive Partner Itochu Corporation (Feb 3 2010)

Optigenex Inc. Agrees to Long-Term License Granting Promethean Corporation Exclusive North American Distribution Rights for Cosmeceutical and Dietary Supplement Products Containing AC-11® in the Direct Sales (Network Marketing) Distribution Channel (Jan 4 2010)

Optigenex Inc. Announces New Business to Business Web Site to Target Select Marketing and Manufacturing Companies in the Skin Care and Wellness Industries (Nov 3 2009)

Optigenex Inc. Announces Supply and License Agreement with Suracell Inc. to Utilize the AC-11® Trademark and Technology for Oral Supplements in the United States, Canada and South Korea (Oct 21 2009)

Optigenex Inc. Announces Rollout of Activar® AC-11® Oral Supplements and Activar® AC-11® Next Generation Skin Care (Jul 28 2009)

Optigenex Inc. Signs New License and Distribution Agreement With Itochu Corporation of Japan (Apr 6 2009)

AC-11® starts with the inner bark of the vine, Uncaria tomentosa.  Optigenex harvests the bark in Brazil in strict accordance with eco-friendly guidelines, ensuring the renewability of this amazing plant for generations to come.